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The Business


This is the part of the website where I’m supposed to disclose my love of coffee (which I do have but you can read more about that here) or some quirky factoid like that I’ve secretly always wanted to learn to skateboard or that I eat BBQ potato chips on my sandwiches. It seems to be what photographers have on their about pages. If you really want to read about that, in an effort not to disappoint, I’ve added that further below. But let me tell you what we are really about.

What is Amandamations Photography?

Amandamations® Photography, LLC. is a portrait, wedding, and event photography company based in Silver Spring, Maryland hell bent on making you look fantastic in photographs. We will be 6 years old in November but the experience of our photographers goes beyond that.

We are about Respect, Sincerity, and Appreciation.

Our Style: Sophistication but not stuffy.

In an industry that is flooded with “professional photographers” that bought their titles, it is important to stand above. Carefully honing the craft to become a real professional photographer takes work, work that Amandamations has put in. Offering the highest quality images and service to their customers. It is our goal to create portrait & wedding photography that provides legitimacy in a saturated field and give our clients the memories they deserve from photographers who care.

Our photography is sophisticated but not stuffy. Timeless, yet fresh. It has emotional connection. We believe in the love our clients share. We believe they are worth it. We are perfectionists. We are artists. We will work hard for your wedding or portrait but make it easy for you. We are photographers that you can trust.

We are not some hack with a camera. We craft photographs that make you happy by combining our particular set of skills with working our asses off.


We respect your lifestyle. We respect your choices. We respect your religion. We respect and love differences in culture. We respect that your wedding is an important day for you and your family. We will try to be ninjas capture it without disruption. We respect the challenges life can bestow on you and that those may need sensitive treatment whether they are a part of your wedding day or come out in some way during a portrait session. We respect that families come in all shapes and sizes.


You may come to me for a headshot because you are looking for a job. You may want a boudoir photo so you can feel sexy and powerful. Your wedding is one of the most important days in your life and you want to remember every moment. It may be the first time in years your family has come together. I understand how personal and incredible these moments are and how meaningful a photograph can be. And though the moments are quick, their impact is lifelong. I am honored every time a client chooses Amandamations as their photographer.

Sophisticated Photography

“Sophistication is the quality that belongs to a person who appears wise and glamorous. “

We characterize sophistication as informed glamour cultivated through experience and intent.

Sage House Studio

When I established Amandamations, I created the Sage House Studio® brand as a destination for my wedding photography services. After five years of breathing life into two brands, I decided to simplify my services and bring weddings back under Amandamations. With this change comes fresher content, more streamlined services, quicker turnaround, less confusion, and more opportunities to give my clients great service.

Who am I?

I am an Artist. I have the degree to prove it.

I’m not just a girl with a fancy camera.

I have been and will always be an artist. My art career began in the second grade when my craft paper bunny looked better than everyone else’s. It continued through college where I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Syracuse University and a Master of Professional Studies from the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA).

Being an artist means I don’t give a **** what camera anyone uses or what brand of paint Picasso preferred. It means that Photoshop is a tool I will gladly use to make things better. It means I’m a creative problem solver which is a super valuable trait during a wedding. And it means my heart and soul is in my work.

Background and Fluff

  • Born and raised in Cleveland, OH
  • I have a yo-yo collection
  • Love cartoons
  • Kermit the Frog is my hero.
  • I believe in happiness and caring about others.
  • I think rainbows are amazing because they are born from rain and light remind us that the sun is coming.
  • My favorite movie is Harry Potter and I wish I could have gone to Hogwarts. (I’m a Ravenclaw)
  • I love weird people because they are true to themselves
  • When I’m not working on photos I volunteer at Artechouse in DC because I love being surrounded by surreal immersive environments and discussing cutting-edge art

The “We” in Amandamations

Amandamations in a single member entity but there are times I need to call on my Super Friends to be a right hand, a second pair of eyes, and two more cameras: Gail and Billy.

Gail is my best friend and picked up a camera long before I did. She has an excellent eye, a big heart, is detail oriented, and can command any situation. She has a background in newborn and family photography.

Billy (of is so talented and able to provide engaging perspectives and angles. He has unending energy and focus, is incredibly personable, and a disarming sense of humor. Billy has a background in sports photography and events.