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Amandamations® Photography, LLC. is a woman-owned photography service based out of Silver Spring, Maryland. Amandamations has served the community and local businesses since 2014. Our professional photography services focus on headshots, portraits, and events while delivering a quality experience to our clients. Our clients are at the heart of all we do.

We are about Respect, Sincerity, and Appreciation.


We respect your lifestyle. We respect your choices. We respect your religion. We respect and love differences in culture. We respect that your wedding is an important day for you and your family. We will try to be ninjas and capture it without disruption. We respect the challenges life can bestow on you and that those may need sensitive treatment whether they are a part of your wedding day or come out in some way during a portrait session. We respect that families come in all shapes and sizes.


You may come to me for a headshot because you are looking for a job. You may want a boudoir photo so you can feel sexy and powerful. Your wedding is one of the most important days in your life and you want to remember every moment. It may be the first time in years your family has come together. We understand how personal and incredible these moments are and how meaningful a photograph can be. And though the moments are quick, their impact is lifelong. We are honored every time a client chooses Amandamations as their photographers.

Our Style: Sophisticated but not stuffy.

Sophisticated Photography

“Sophistication is the quality that belongs to a person who appears wise and glamorous. “

We characterize sophistication as informed glamour cultivated through experience and intent.

The “We” in Amandamations

Amandamations in a single-member entity but there are times I need to call on my Super Friends to be a right hand, a second pair of eyes, and a few more cameras. Enter in Gail and Billy.

Gail is my best friend and picked up a camera long before I did. She has an excellent eye, a big heart, is detail-oriented, and can command any situation. She has a background in newborn and family photography.

Billy (of is so talented and able to provide engaging perspectives and angles. He has unending energy and focus, is incredibly personable, and has a disarming sense of humor. Billy's background is in sports photography and events.

Amandamations® Photography

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